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Do you have the skills, time and dedication required to help women and girls in Africa?

Making Life Worth Living

“I first came across women and girls suffering from fistulas through my work with Mercy Ships and I couldn’t believe that in this day and age, there are women and girls in the world suffering horrendous injuries because they have no access to medical care during childbirth. These women and girls are mothers, daughters, aunts – they are just like us – yet they are condemned to a life of shame and isolation because they become incontinent due to their fistulas and are outcast by their families and communities.  Who in this country can imagine giving birth to a stillborn baby and being left incontinent as a result?  It is unthinkable to us, yet millions of women are suffering silently and they have no-one speaking up for them.  I am appealing to you to become their voice.  Freedom from Fistula is not only aimed at providing the surgeries to repair the women and girls already suffering, it is also aimed at preventing the problem getting worse –through training and education. Prevention is the long-term solution to eradicating obstetric fistulas and we work hard towards this goal.” Dame Ann Gloag, Charity Founder

Making Life Worth Living