Our Ambassadors

FFF Ambassadors Page President Ellen Johnson-Surleaf

President Ellen Johnson-Surleaf

Former President of Liberia

"This Foundation will rescue the most important members of our society: our mothers, sisters, daughters.  In the developing world, their very survival is threatened and we need to take action to save them."

FFF Ambassadors Page Dr Joyce Banda

Dr Joyce Banda

Former President of Malawi

“I am very proud to be an Ambassador of Freedom From Fistula which is making a real difference to the lives of thousands of women and girls injured in childbirth in Malawi and across Africa.

“This charity is one of the most important charities working in Africa as it is helping vulnerable women and girls in our society who are outcast and isolated because of a condition that is no fault of their own.  These women are our sisters, mothers, aunts and daughters and we all have a duty to help them.

“Before Freedom From Fistula, the women of Malawi injured in childbirth had no hope and no chance of being healed.  Thanks to Freedom From Fistula they now have hope and the chance of a future free from shame.”

FFF Ambassadors Page Roma Torre

Roma Torre

NY1 Anchor

"We, who don't have to worry about basic survival, take for granted how difficult life can be in the less developed world. Imagine not having 911, neighborhood doctors, a pharmacy, a telephone!..at your fingertips.   Most of us don't even know what fistula is thanks to modern science. But it is virtually a death sentence for those poor women suffering from this horribly debilitating and easily cured condition. The planet is one big village that we all share and there's really no reason why we - who have so much - can't open our hearts and pocketbooks to end this needless scourge. It takes so little from us to make the difference of a lifetime for our sisters across the ocean!"

FFF Ambassadors Page Lorraine Kelly

Lorraine Kelly

Television Presenter

 “The work that Ann is doing is making a real difference to the lives of so many women. In fact she is giving them back their lives and their dignity. We need to do what we can to help these women who suffer so terribly and who cannot speak up for themselves. They could be our mothers, sisters, aunts or daughters and they need us.”

“My condition caused a great strain on my marriage. I was too ashamed to tell him of my problem as I had never heard of anyone suffering from my condition and so I suffered silently.” Sarah, age 33