A message from Dame Ann Gloag

2022 was a special year for Freedom From Fistula (FFF) as we helped a record number of women and children - more than 35,000!

15 years on from founding FFF I could not have imagined the scale of what we would achieve and it is thanks to our amazing staff and supporters.

Our fistula clinics are the Centres of Excellence in every country where we work and our commitment to the women and children of Sierra Leone, Malawi and Madagascar is recognised across the populations and political spectrum of each country.

I must pay tribute to our Country Directors for helping us achieve our success, especially working in very challenging circumstances – be it natural disasters, health pandemics, skills shortages or corruption.  Their perseverance on difficult days and dedication to our core value of ‘patients first’ is a crucial part of our success.

It is heartwarming that our donors continue to partner with us every year and new donors are moved to join us. The ongoing support of all our donors is greatly appreciated by me personally and all our team.  Without you, we could not continue to provide our free services to help more women and girls every year and we are committed to delivering the best value for money for your donations.

So far 2023 has been challenging as every country has been experiencing rampant inflation and significant increased cost of living, as well as some natural disasters, but we are optimistic and remain inspired by the stories of strength and resilience of our patients.

Dame Ann Gloag

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

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