Patient Stories : Ngaima


Ngaima travelled to the Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) from a rural village in the Bombali District, in northern Sierra Leone, in order to fix an obstetric fistula and resulting incontinence that she has suffered from for sixteen years.

Ngaima first developed a fistula after experiencing obstructed labour during delivery. Unfortunately, this baby did not survive the obstructed labour and Ngaima not only lost her child but also her ability to control when she went to the bathroom.

Ngaima arrived at AWC in early Feburary 2020 for the second time, having previously undergone surgery in 2019. On 20th March 2020, Ngaima was seen singing and dancing in her Gladi Gladi ceremony. Ngaima had a successful surgery during the Fistula Camp and is very happy to be now dry. Ngaima was seen laughing and smiling during her Gladi Gladi and was discharged ready to start this new chapter of her life.

“I want to thank God for my life and a very big thank you to AWC and the Doctor that did my surgery. I pray that I will not come here again for more surgeries.”