Patient Stories : Mabinty


Twenty-six-year-old Mabinty comes from Magburaka, the capital of the Tonkolili District in northern Sierra Leone.

After hearing about the AWC Fistula Camp on the local radio, Mabinty arrived at AWC on 18th February 2020 with the first screening trip.  She has been suffering from incontinence for over 9 years, after an extremely difficult labour with the delivery of her first child.

Mabinty explained that after experiencing labour pains for a week she was taken to a traditional birth attendant, who administered oxytocin to quicken her labour.  She delivered her child successfully, but her placenta did not come out following the birth.  The traditional birth attendant called for some help and together they successfully removed the placenta.

However, it was not correctly done as she was in constant pain every day after and could hardly walk.  Mabinty was also suffering from incontinence.  Over time, Mabinty was abandoned by her husband, her family and her friends.  She became severely depressed and went days without speaking to anyone.

In February 2020, Mabinty heard about AWC’s Fistula Camp on the local radio and made her way to the centre of Magburaka.  Here she met up with the AWC’s Screening Trip and was examined.  Mabinty was brought back to Freetown with the AWC team and admitted until she was ready for surgery.

Mabinty had her fistula surgery in the first week of the camp and it was successful, healing her completely.

On 20th March, Mabinty joined her friends in celebrating their healing in the first Gladi Gladi ceremony of the Fistula Camp.  Mabinty left AWC on 21st March with a smile on her face wearing her new dress, made by the AWC onsite tailor.  She is excited to return to her community with a renewed sense of dignity and confidence.

I want to say a very big thank you to almighty God for his marvellous works because I am not better than those who are yet to be healed. I want to say a very big thank you to AWC for all their support and care.