Patient Stories: Kadiatu


Kadiatu is one of our teenage mums. She was 17 years old when she safely delivered a baby girl at AWC.

First part of the Dream Girls she later joined the Skill Training Centre, funded by Aminata Maternal Foundation, and received a 6 months skills training.

During one of the regular medical check ups our doctor noticed an irregular heartbeat. We referred her to a specialist and after several tests he found out that she was in urgent need of a heart surgery. With support from Emergency Hospital we were able to send her to Sudan where the Emergency Hospital team successfully performed her operation.

Today Kadi is in good health and after recovering for 3 months just started work in our domestic department as a permanent member staff.

I am so happy that I’m alive today. I was lucky to know about AWC. They have supported me so much. AWC helps girls to work towards their dreams in a country where there’s not much space for dreams. Special thanks to the programs manager Esther who was like a mom to me over the last few months.