Patient Stories : Isata

Isata, 18 years old

Isata was selling potato leaves for her mother when she met a teenage boy and they started a relationship. She was in love but for him it was just fun. She became pregnant and the boy ran away. Fortunately somebody told her about AWC and she was registered and safely delivered her cute baby girl.

Isata is also one of the teen mums benefitting from training through our Skills Training Centre, supported by Aminata Maternal Foundation.

Isata was one of our best students, motivated from the beginning and focused on her skills training. She now has the skills to work as a tailor, cook, housekeeper or hairdresser and we are very proud of Isata.

Isata started as a cleaner and cook at AWC, but did extremely well, so we offered her a job as a procurement officer. She is very happy and grateful for her first well-paid job.