Patient Stories: Binta


Sometimes Fistula patients stay with us for several weeks due to their health condition on their arrival and they become close to our staff. One of them is Binta, 20 years old from Guinea and because she loved to walk around the whole day we gave her the nickname ‘Nene-Wakawaka’.

Binta got pregnant in 2023 and tried to deliver her baby in a community health centre. Unfortunately there were some complications and she needed to be referred to the next hospital. After being in labour for more than 24 hours a C-Section was done, but the outcome was bad. She ended up with Fistula and the baby didn’t survive.

Binta had serious surgical side infections and was referred to our Aberdeen Women’s Centre in Freetown. Binta’s surgery was the first fistula surgery in 2024, on January 3rd. The operation was successful and after being reunited with her husband she left 2 weeks later, dry and without any problems.

Nene-Wakawaka we will miss you!