Patient Stories: Aminata


On Wednesday 29th April 2020, a group of triplets were born at AWC! Their mother, Aminata is a 32-year-old Hill Station resident in the western area of Freetown.  She works as a petty trader.

Aminata first heard of Aberdeen Women’s Centre (AWC) during the community booking session lead by the antenatal maternity staff at AWC. During community booking, the antenatal care nurses at the Centre, identify key resource-poor neighbourhoods in Freetown to visit and spread sensitisation materials on prenatal care. Through this community approach, AWC is able to ensure services are delivered to those least likely to afford other maternity services. On the 13th November 2019 Aminata was booked and became an AWC patient.

On the 29th April 2020, Aminata Sheriff arrived AWC already in the early stages of labour. She underwent an emergency Caesarean Section at AWC because the leading baby was in a breech position, with its feet first in the womb instead of its head. In addition, as a multiple pregnancy it was regarded as high-risk.

Aminata gave birth to three bouncing boys. Aminata already has 2 previous children, who are both boys, so she now has her hands full with 5 boys!

Aminata and her boys was discharged on 3rd May 2020 and the triplets and Mother are said to be doing well. On discharge she was given some baby clothes and blankets from AWC.

‘’I want to thank God for his grace throughout my pregnancy up to my delivery time. A special thanks and appreciation to staff and management at AWC for their free medical services. I will forever be grateful to all staff at AWC’’. 

Triplets born April 2020