Patient Stories : Elesi


Elesi (38) was married at the age of 23 and has lived with fistula for 16 years following complications during the birth of her first baby.  Sadly the baby died and Elesi was left leaking urine.  People in her village did not want to be near her as they said she smelled.  Her own friends laughed at her and she was isolated and depressed until receiving treatment at our Fistula Care Centre in Malawi.  Now Elesi is a happy woman, she is free from fistula and living her best life, enjoying doing the things she loved and missed.

During her stay with us Elesi attended teh educational classes at the centre.  She especially liked the cooking demonstration classes and the arts and crafts classes.  Elesi is now using her new skills and has started a donut business.  The money she has earned has enabled her to buy cement to extend her home.

“I am very grateful that FCC has cured me from fistula.  I am at peace and living my best life, you have changed my life.  You have transformed me into a new woman. I am grateful for the wonderful welcome I received by every staff member at the centre.  I will forever be grateful.”