Patient Stories: Christina


Christina married at the age of 17 due to the poor conditions she was living at home. Her parents could hardly take care of her and she was forced to marry at a young age.

Following the birth of her first child Christina developed an obstetric fistula and devastatingly lost the baby. Christina lived with fistula for 12 years.

When Christina went into labour with her first child she delayed going to the hospital. Unfortunately, there were complications and her baby died during delivery as it was too late to save him. After being discharged she noted she was leaking urine.

Christina visited various hospitals over the years but was never helped. Ashamed of her condition Christina suffered from depression. She was unable to enjoy simple things like chatting with friends, doing household chores comfortably, going to group gatherings or attending church.  

Christina came to the Fistula Care Centre in Malawi in August 2022, where she was treated and cured the same month.

During her stay at the centre, Christina attended the educational classes. She particularly liked the arts and craft classes, cooking demonstrations and the knits and crochet classes at the centre. Christina bakes and sells donuts, profits from which help buy food for her family.

Christina is very grateful for receiving a solar jet-flame stove which is using in her home to prepare meals for her family.  She is now able to cook at a reduced time, and does not have to travel far to collect wood since the stove uses less firewood. Injuries from lifting and carrying wood have reduced, she has seen a decrease of burns by the old cooking method and there is less inhaling of smoke which has improved her health.

Her dream is to one day own an animal farm.

I am grateful for everything that the centre has done for me.  I am whole again and I am enjoying the things I missed due to the condition I had.  Please continue healing women like us.