Patient Stories: Alinafe


Alinafe (17) dropped out of school as she struggled with her grades and felt it was just not meant for her.  At 15 she decided to get married and became pregnant that same year. 

Alinafe went into labour and was rushed to hospital.  Due to her tiny frame she was unable to deliver and doctors rushed her to the operating table for a c-section.  Sadly she lost the baby.  As she had delayed going to the hospital as her husband had no transport money, and had struggled in childbirth, when Alinafe woke up, she found she had lost her sense of movement and she was leaking urine. 

Alinafe stayed in the hospital for 2 months before she was discharged.  She was still in pain as she had sores from the urine she was leaking, she also had to learn how to walk and move her muscles again. With her family’s support she learnt to walk once more but the struggle sent Alinafe into depression and she thought of taking her own life. 

Young Alinafe wondered what she had done wrong to deserve this struggle.  Her husband left her and remarried.

In June 2021 Alinafe was brought to our Fistula Care Centre in Malawi by a patient ambassador.  Alinafe was operated on and is currently (July 2021) recovering at the centre.   Alinafe is feeling hopeful and looking forward to having her life back.  She cannot wait to start going to church and connect with her friends again.

During her stay at the centre Alinafe enjoyed learning how to knit.  She is thrilled and excited to start her Solar business once she receives the unit at the centre.  She plans to open a barber shop and will be charging phones.  Alinafe hopes to save money from businesses so she can build her own house.

 I am grateful I am dry.  I never thought i would be dry again.