Patient Stories : Joyce


Joyce was married at the age of 21. Now 46 she has a business selling secondhand clothes and lives in Lilongwe.   Before being treated at our Fistula Care Centre she lived with fistula for 6 months. 

Joyce had a cyst growing outside her ovary and was operated on, a week later she noted she was leaking urine and after recovering from her operation doctors referred her to the Fistula Care Centre.  Unfortunately, Joyce had to wait for an additional two months as the centre was closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In April 2021 our centre reopened and we called Joyce, inviting her to undergo her fistula operation.  When she arrived with us Joyce was feeling hopeful and looking forward to having her life back.  As of today (21 April 2021) Joyce has been operated on and is recovering.  Once she is healed, she wants to restart her business and her dream is to expand into different locations and employ a few individuals to assist her.

We wish her well with her continued recovery and in this exciting new phase in her life.