Patient Stories: Esnarte


Esnarte is 32 and from Malawi and before coming to our centre had lived with fistula for 11 years

Esnartes first pregnancy caused her fistula and sadly she gave birth to a still born baby.   After hearing about the Centre over the radio she came for treatment. 

Esnarte is now able to do the things she could not do before like going to church and community gatherings.  The discrimination has stopped.  She is now a happy woman who is able to socialise with her family and friends and attend community gatherings.

Esnarte is a fistula advocate in her district. She has already brought two patients to the Centre.  She enjoys visiting different communities to educate them about fistula and the Fistula Care Centre.

Esnarte is very grateful for the Bboxx that she received.  Her phone-charging business is generating a good income and the Bboxx lightbulb has reduced her household monthly expenditure on candles.

Thanks to the medical staff who treated Esnarte for her fistula and thanks to the Bboxx project, Esnarte is no longer merely existing but enjoying life and looking forward to a brighter future.