Patient Stories : Chikondi


Chikondi was married at 20.  In 2019, during her second pregnancy she went into labour. Chikondi quickly rushed to the hospital where she was operated on and gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby girl.  Chikondi was discharged and went home but a week later she noticed that she was leaking urine. Chikondi went back to the hospital, but she was not helped.

In January 2020 Chikondi received a call from one of her relatives who heard about the Fistula Care Centre over the radio.  Chikondi came and was operated on the same month.

During her stay at the Centre Chikondi attended the educational classes and particularly liked the arts and crafts.  With her new sewing skills, Chikondi is able to teach her friends how to sew clothes and bags.

For the ten months she lived with fistula, Chikondi lived an isolated life.  She was not able to be around people in her village as no one wanted to be near her, she felt alone and ashamed.  To make matters worse, her husband moved to South Africa and left her to raise their children on her own.  Her parents were able to support her financially but the abandonment was devastating.

Chikondi’s dream is to one day build her own house for her and her daughters as continuing to live with her parents is not sustainable.  She worries about her parents as they are elderly and caring for her and her two children is tiring.

“I am grateful to fcc for all the wonderful things they have done for me. I am fistula free.  Please continue the good work you are doing.  you have truly changed my life. God bless you always”