Patient Stories: Catherine


Before coming to our centre Catherine had lived with fistula for 14 years

Catherines first pregnancy caused her fistula and sadly she gave birth to a still born baby.  Her first husband left her the moment he found out that she had fistula.

Catherine (35) found out about the Centre from a former patient who was her friend. She came to the Centre in April 2012 and was treated the same year.

Since she was cured from fistula, Catherine married her second husband.  She is now a happier individual and has reconciled with her family and friends.

Catherine is now working for the Centre as a domestic worker and is able to financially support herself.

Catherine has brought 4 patients to the Centre so far.  Before she started working at the Centre she used to attend community gatherings whilst wearing her fistula t-shirt.  She would talk about her experience with fistula and share the Fistula Care Centre contact details.

Catherine also received a Bboxx.  She is able to use the money she makes from the phone charging business to help her relatives in her village. Catherine is hoping to expand her business and eventually build a house with the money from the business.