Patient Stories: Nancy


Nancy, a mother of six and a wife, is 47 years old. She is from the Central region in Kenya. In 2004 during her fifth pregnancy Nancy was rushed to a referral hospital when labour set in, with the hope of getting immediate help. Nancy labored for 2 days without monitoring.

When the baby was eventually born the student nurse in attendance realized the baby had asphyxiated and after putting him on oxygen succeeded to resuscitate him.

Nancy experienced delayed third stage of labour(delivery of the placenta) after which the attendant who removed the after birth attempted to clean her, but unfortunately left Nancy with Recto-Vaginal fistula. Nancy discovered there was a problem but on contacting the nurses, they told her that she would be fine with time. Nancy lived with the fistula for 13 years.

Nancy came to the FFF fistula camp in June and was admitted, counselled and the RVF underwent a successful repair. The family are now reunited and Nancy can attend social functions. Nancy can now stay for longer periods of time among the congregation because she is continent and confident. Before the treatment she could not be in the midst of people for more than an hour due to the possible mess as she puts it. Walking is now very comfortable unlike before when she had sores on her thighs due to the leakage. Nancy is thankful to Freedom from Fistula for restoring her dignity.